A downloadable tetris for Windows, macOS, and Linux

Tetris with several modes for two players

Competition Modes

Parallel match - Two regular independent tetris games happening side by side.

Mirror match - Two players are receiving identical figures.

Speed-up your opponent - when a line is completed, opponent's game speed is doubled until they complete their own line. 

Cooperation Modes

Control swap - Each turn players swap their controls.

Balanced wells - Heights of both wells are balanced, so that each player gets about the same amount of empty space.

Single well - Play together in the same big well.


Play with a single keyboard or with a keyboard+controller.

Press [esc] to exit

Press [space] to pause

Only a single controller is supported, as I have only one controller at home and can't test it for two.

Credits and source code

Mikhail Shubin, 2020

Made with pygame, published with cx-Freeze

Source code: https://gitlab.com/2pi360/tetris_for_two

Any comments? Suggestions? Please add a comment below!


in v1.1 we got 

  • Controller support
  • Scalable window
  • Some sound effects
PlatformsWindows, macOS, Linux
AuthorMikhail Shubin
Made withpygame
TagsLocal Co-Op, Local multiplayer, pygame, Tetris
Average sessionA few minutes
MultiplayerLocal multiplayer
Player count1 - 2

Install instructions

unzip the archive and run game.exe


tetris_for_two_win_v1.1.zip 14 MB
tetris_for_two_mac_v1.1.zip 11 MB
tetris_for_two_linux_v1.1.zip 21 MB
tetris_for_two_win-amd64_v1.0.zip 12 MB
tetris_for_two_mac_v1.0.zip 11 MB
tetris_for_two_linux_v1.0.zip 11 MB

Development log


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What a good work.

Can I forward this game to my website pythondict ?

Yes, sure!
There is GNU licence so you can quote and use this code however you like


Wish for a controller support!!!

Ok, thx for a feedback! I'll try to implement a controller support (I would need a few weeks for this)

Oh,it’s cool.I think I will love it.

Hey, so I did a controller support! (for one controller) However, I'm a keyboard person myself, I have never played tetris with controller, and I'm not sure if a control scheme I've used is conventional. 

I played with controller,and felt very interesting especially the sound “duang duang duang”.

(1 edit)

En…if tetris can turn counterclockwise or reach the ground instantly the game experience maybe have more fun😁😁😁